Adding a task

To add a scouting task, click . Specify the scouting start and end dates, select a scout (worker, please see Adding a new worker) from the list, and select one or several fields participating in the task. Enter the description of the task and click SAVE. The scout will receive a notification of upcoming event to his/her email and phone three days and one day before the task. The scout can add reports to the system via EF Scouting mobile app (the download link will be included in Email after the scout is registered).

Each task has a status:

 – completed. It means that a report is available for each field in the task.

 – in progress. It means that the task began and some reports are added to it.

 – empty template. It means that the task has begun, but no reports are added to it.

 – overdue. It means that the deadline for the task has passed, but no reports have been added to it.