Crop rotation log

We put together the crop rotation by seasons in one table. By all fields. By all crops. Crop rotation planning has become easier and more convenient. When you log in for the first time the information screen gives you the option to choose the duration of the season. If you skip this step and / or agree that by default, the season N will start as the agricultural year from July 1, N-1 year and ends on June 30 N (N-season name, from 2000 to 2020). We chose such range for clear distribution of crop rotation you’ve created on the card field.  If necessary, you can edit the name/start/end of season (please see Editing or removing a season) and also add your own seasons (please see Adding a season). To navigate in the table click on the widget “Structure of crops”.

The table headings show the names of the seasons: from 2000 to 2020. The cells display the information about sow on the fields. The table allows to work with the crop rotation by fields and by crops. Click on the selected element on Figure 8 to switch.