Actual vs plan report

This tool allows you to reduce the risks of the farm through regular monitoring of the compliance of the implementation of the work plan and the real expenditure of funds.

By clicking on the “Actual vs plan report by farm” widget, you see a comparison of the costs for consumables and labor costs according on workflows (plan) and works (fact) in terms of crop rotation, fields and works performed on them.

The fields are grouped on the basis of the crop structure for the selected season. If for any fields the culture is not specified in the selected season, you must add it to the crop rotation and update the page with the report.

Please note! Grouping of fields by crops is carried out on the basis of actual data – the structure of crops, and not on the basis of the culture specified for the field in the workflow.

To track expenses, specify them when adding a works instance (please see Adding a work).

To track the planned costs for the fields, create a workflow indicating the operations and the cost of consumables for each of them, after saving the workflow, it is necessary to “use workflow” the fields on which the crop will be cultivated.

When you go to the report, the data is displayed for the period of dates corresponding to the selected season. You can change the period of the report display by selecting the dates in the calendar, the report will include all actual works and planned operations the start date of which falls within the selected interval. To view the data on one field, you need to select it from the drop-down list, to return to the report view for all fields, click on the cross to the right of the field name.

The report allows you to view the data in both absolute figures and in conditional ones – per 1 ha.