Field card

The field card shows widgets including data for:

  • “Actions with a field”, containing events on the fields;
  • “Weather forecast”, containing detailed and up-to-date information on the weather near the field, two weeks weather forecast;
  • “Crop rotation”, containing crop rotation history for the field;
  • “Expenses”, containing reports on material expenses for works (for the selected period).
  • “Soil”, containing soil analysis log for the field;
  • “Vegetation”, containing current and past NDVI index data;
  • “Precipitation”, containing total of liquid precipitations over a definite period of time;
  • “The total of active temperatures”, containing total of daily average temperatures of air exceeding a definite threshold: 0, 5, 10 degrees Celsius or the thermal minimum which is the lowest temperature when the plant can survive.

To quickly move to another field card, use the field list on the left.