Vegetation index on the field card

The “Vegetation” widget shows the most recently obtained NDVI index value chart for the period shown in the filter in the top right corner.

Clicking the “Vegetation” widget shows the “Vegetation chart”

and “NDVI map”

The chart is rendered using data from satellite images with a 250 m resolution, updated weekly, and shows accurate numerical values (the “No data for this period” message means there have been no satellite data for the chosen day, and a different day or time period must be selected in the filter located above and to the right of the map).

There is a icon . When clicked NDVI history of last 5 years is displayed. In this way, you can view the history both for one year, as well as for several years.

Figure 17. NDVI index chart for current season

When  is clicked, a color legend is shown (each color has its own value).

The map is rendered using 30 m resolution data, updated every 16 days, and shows the distribution of the vegetation index in a field (if the “No data for this period” message pops up, change the date in the filter located above and to the right of the map).


The map shows the last obtained image for the period specified in the filter. The list showing the vegetation index indicator for the corresponding days is displayed on the right.