Adding a new worker

To add a new worker, click “Workers” tab and then . Fill in the form “New worker”, specify the access type.

  • Full access

Users of the main service. Can perform any operations in the system.

  • Scouts

Scouts are users of the EF Scouting application (they add reports based on scouting tasks from the EF Scouting application to ExactFarming system). Tasks are created in ExactFarming system.

  • Assistants

Assistants are users of the special EF Works software application (used for recording actual works). With the app, assistants add information on the works done directly from the field. Assistants do not have access to your account data.

  • Workers

Workers are staff without access to the system. Add workers and attach them to tasks (see Works done).

Then you will be able to control the time, task, and fields equipment with which the workers worked.

After the form is filled out, click SAVE.