Start working

Fields are the foundation of agriculture, so the entire service has been built around them.

To use the service, create your field e-map by either outlining the fields on the satellite map, or uploading a field-boundary file (KML) (for more information please see Adding a field).

Once the fields have been added, you may:

  • perform crop rotation works on each field;
  • view summary data on all fields, i.e. total area, weather conditions, vegetation index, cumulative rainfall, and the total of active temperatures for all fields with the selected crop;
  • view details for each field (for more information please see Field card);
  • store and track changes in the structure of planted areas by moving across the calendar.

The “Fields” page is accessible via the “Fields” menu and includes the following:

  • summary data on the field list (“Fields” page);
  • summary data for the fields:
    • vegetation on the fields (chart and map);
    • cumulative rainfall on the fields (chart and map);
    • the total of active temperatures (chart and map);
  • list of the user’s fields (the “Fields list” page);
  • map with the boundaries of the user’s fields.

For a new user, who does not yet have any fields in the system, the “Fields” page will appear as follows: