Adding a field

To add the first field, click +ADD FIELD.

To add a new field, click  located at the bottom of the field list.

Fields are added either manually, by choosing points on the map, or automatically, by uploading a KML file.

The following steps should be performed to add a field manually (“Draw on the map” button):

  • Adding a field outline.
  • Inputting general data (name, cadastral number, soil type).

To add a field outline, add a series of inflexion points to the map and connect them by double clicking. A new area will be shown on the map. Please note! The field size should not exceed 3000 ha at the delineation.

Any newly added area can be edited (add / remove points) by moving the outline points with the mouse. To cut out any inner part of a field, click on the chosen point, then move / add / remove inflexion points, thus changing the shape of the inner field area.

Once you have selected an area, click CONTINUE.

Enter the field name, soil type (filled in automatically), cadastral number (if any) and click ADD FIELD.


The field is now accessible in the “Fields” section.

To load fields from a KML file, open the “KML-file” tab and click CHOOSE. A new window will open. Select the file and click OPEN. New fields are stored in the field list. Clicking on a field in the list opens the corresponding field card (please see Field card).