Adding a weather station

For a user who does not have any weather stations in ExactFarming yet, the Weather stations page looks as follows:

To add a station, open the Weather stations tab and click ADD WEATHER STATION. A new station addition form will open, where ID refers to the number attached to the body of the station or on the package. Then click SAVE.

Caipos, Kataon, Sokol-М, Barani, Meteobot weather stations and ANC soil sensor support is provided for now.

The system will search the database of manufactured stations and add a new record to the list. In case of an error, carefully re-read the instructions (please see Adding a weather station) and repeat the procedure for adding.

Newly added stations are shown in the weather station list as blocks containing:

  • Station name;
  • Station ID;
  • Last measurement time;
  • Error icons:
    • Communication problems — antenna icon ;
    • Battery – battery icon ;
    • Hardware failure — wrench icon ;
    • Power grid connection (only for stations connected to the power grid) — socket icon .

To open the station data page, click the block with the relevant weather station on the weather station list.

A new page will open. The following data will appear:

  • General information (station parameters);
  • Technical status (station status with failure warnings marked in red);
  • Current indicators (latest measurements received from sensors);
  • Data (a window with measurement charts gathered over a lengthy period).

For additional information on installation and package contents, please contact us by email: