Adding a workflow

To create the first workflow, click + ADD WORKFLOW.

Define the main parameters: workflow name, crop. If the crop is absent in the list, add it to the catalogue (please see Adding a crop). Fields with this crop can be added later. Enter the name of the stage. To add an operation, click Add operation. Apart from the basic data, you can specify equipment ( icon), consumables ( icon), and labor costs of the work ( icon). You can add an unlimited number of equipment and consumables. If something of this is not added, you can add it here (please see Adding equipment, Add a new purchases). To save the work, click . The field containing the work appears in the window New workflow.

To add a new stage and operations on it, click “Add stage”. Thus appears all information for each work provided in the workflow: from soil preparation before planting to harvesting primary products and burying of crop residues.

When you finish adding all stages and operations on them, click “Save”. If you click “Cancel”, the workflow is saved as Draft.

If you already have workflows or drafts, click  or repeat the steps above.

After saving the completed workflow, specify that the operations from this workflow can be performed in the field for the chosen period. To do this, click the desired workflow in the list in the right below, find the field and click “USE WORKFLOW” to the right.