Adding works

To the user with no added works the “Works” page appears as follows:

To add a new work, click +ADD WORKS. Select the necessary type of works from the list in the form opened. If this type is not available, click  to the right of the list. Enter name of the type of work and output rate.

Specify the start date and end date of the works. Select a crop in the drop-down list “FIELDS” (all the fields with this crop will fill out automatically) or specify the fields involved in such work. Please note! Only fields with one crop may participate in one type of work. Furthermore, you can specify several fields, staff, tools, and consumables. After fields are selected, the total area of the fields is displayed in the “OUTPUT” field. Click  to the right of the field to specify the exact output for each field. Fill out the necessary fields. The value in the “Total output” field is calculated automatically. Specify one or several workers participating in the work in the “Workers” list. If you have not added any staff yet, click  to the right of the list. Fill out the fields.

If necessary, you can add equipment and consumables. Click  to add equipment. The “Equipment” list will appear. Select equipment or machinery. If you have not added any equipment yet, click  to the right of the list. Fill out the fields. To add “PLANNED FUEL CONSUMPTION”, “W/HRS”, click  to the right of the name of the corresponding equipment.

If you have not yet added any purchases, create it on the “Warehouse” page (please see  Adding a new purchase) and go back to the “Add works” form. To add a purchase to a work, click “Add inventory” at the bottom of the form.

After the form is filled out, click SAVE. The work is displayed in the “Works list”.

To search the works that have been added, you can use sorting and filter in the list of the works ( and  icons respectively). If you need to get the list of the works for a specific period of time, use the top-right filter.