Sensor Hub

Sensor Hub API is an easy way to integrate any data acquisition system with ExactFarming. It allows to display sensor data directly in ExactFarming.

Sensor Hub API advantages for sensors manufacturers:

  • Convenient and intuitive interface to display any information collected from the sensors. The system displays both real-time and chronological data.
  • ExactFarming aggregates all the data required for farmers and agronomists including satellite field images, weather, machine telemetry and performance data. The sensor data will be accessed by the user amid other information, substantially increasing its value.

Focus on your hardware development. Let us provide the software required!

ExactFarming allows data visualization for all major types of measurements (temperature, humidity, illumination, atmosphere pressure, soil parameters, mode of operation, etc.) The platform also accepts service variables such as the battery charge level and sensor status. The only prerequisite for processing the sensor data is a georeference point identified at the time of measurement or at the time of sensor installation.

Sensor transmitted data is stored in ExactFarming and is shown to users who only have this sensor added to their account.

To get Sensor Hub API documentation, e-mail us at (please, specify the type of sensors you manufacture and what measurements you would like to be displayed in ExactFarming).