Sistema de gestión agrícola en línea

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  • Planifique las tareas para la temporada
  • Gestione los resultados diarios
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Users and experts about us

ExactFarming expert

Personally, I’ve found the service to have a lot of useful features. For example, it’s easy to calculate field area using field mapping. Just enter the data about the field and all the data is stored in one place. Another useful feature is that historical data from weather stations is collected in very easy to use graphs within the service.

ExactFarming expert

The program is quite interesting and convenient for users of any level, both beginners and experienced. We have three farms. We set up an account for each of them. The director takes photos in the field and we, being in the office, can see the state of things, for example, some diseases are observed or any other. Also, this online service helps accountants. They immediately see how much funds were spent on fertilizers and other materials.

ExactFarming expert

We have been using ExactFarming since spring 2016. This farm management system is the most convenient of those that I have seen, the developers constantly improve it as well. The major advantage of online service is that you can monitor the current situation with any device, which has Internet connection. Convenient field maps, the possibility of recording a field’s history and complete record-keeping of works and materials. The precipitation history and the total of active temperatures are good things as well. Overall, the application is very successful.

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